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Our Philosophy of Philanthropy and Service

We are a Christian school. It is literally a central part of our name. It is woven throughout our mission, vision, and values. And it is lived out in how we educate our students. 

A foundational element of Christianity is sharing our gifts and our blessings with others. In this spirit, philanthropy and service are an important part of an OCS education. 

We aspire to develop students during their time at OCS who, as adults, demonstrate these altruistic actions in their daily lives: 

  • Involved in causes larger than themselves.
  • Give of their time, talent, and treasure to others in recognition that many who came before them did the same to help them be successful.
  • Have an intentional philanthropic giving plan that sets aside a portion of their financial blessings to fuel organizations advancing the common good.
  • Recognize the true joy in giving and service to others. 

  Mrs. Devin Lawrence

   Director of Advancement

One of the most effective methods of teaching is leading by example. When we, as administrators, teachers, staff, parents, alumni, and others share a portion of our blessings in the form of service and regular, meaningful philanthropic giving, the value of an OCS education is lifted even higher than what can be achieved through tuition and efforts of teachers and administrators alone. And our students notice. A seed is planted that giving and service are important. And a “pay-it-forward” mindset is internalized. 

Our philosophy is simply this:
Members of the OCS Family regularly give and serve, not out of obligation, but with a spirit of joy and thanksgiving for many blessings we have received and with the understanding of the example it sets for our legacies…our students.

Throughout each year, we offer a wide variety of ways for you to live out your joy of service and giving. Below are some examples:

Members of the OCS Family give and serve. It is what we are called to do as Christians. And it ensures a school experience like no other in our area for our students. If you are looking for a way to become involved or have questions about ways to give, contact me at 405.341.2265 or