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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your accreditation?

OCS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and is therefore fully recognized by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Are your teachers certified?

OCS teachers are certified by ACSI and most have state certification. All must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from a four year college/university and a significant number of our teachers hold advanced degrees. OCS also recognizes and provides financial incentive for teachers who hold or receive National Board Certification (NBCT).

Do faculty and staff undergo a background check?

Yes. Faculty and staff undergo a background check. Volunteers that work closely with children also undergo a background check.

Where do OCS graduates attend college?

OCS students are typically highly recruited by most colleges. OCS students perform very well on college entrance exams (ACT & SAT) and thus have a high success rate of getting into their college of choice.

How do you decide who gets in and who will be accepted?

The Admission Committee presently consists of the principal and advisory members.  The admission policy stresses the importance of admitting students from families who are strongly committed to the philosophy of the school.  Other considerations include class size, ability to meet student needs, and potential for an excellent partnership between home, church and school.

What does it mean if my child was offered a spot in the wait pool?

The OCS admission process is designed to determine which applicants will partner and be most successful in our program. Our application numbers are at times higher than the number of available spaces in a given class. We place prospective students that we are not able to offer admissions, but whom we believe could thrive at OCS, in our wait pool. In the event that a space becomes available, with respect to a specific grade level, we will contact the prospective families and evaluate the students remaining in the wait pool in order to make an offer of admission to the most qualified applicant.

What if my child is in the wait pool and a spot does not become available in the grade level we've applied for?

While we don’t like to lose the opportunity to partner with well-qualified applicants and families, we always encourage families to consider alternative enrollment plans in case a spot does not become available at OCS.

What is the student dress code?

OCS does not require uniforms. The goal of dress code is to be neat, clean and modest.

What kind of activities do you offer?

The elementary program offers enrichment activities including music, technology, library services, physical education and art. The secondary program offers a wide range of activities entailing service, academics, sports, the arts, media center and social activities.

Is church a requirement?

Because OCS is partnering with Christian families, there is an expectation of regular church attendance.  The home, the church, and the school form the training ground for whole person development to glorify God.

Is OCS affiliated with a particular church or a denomination?

OCS is an independent  corporation operated by a Board of Trustees.  OCS is an interdenominational school with over 40 different church congregations represented in the student body and faculty.

Do parents get involved in the school?

The Saints Parents Organization (SPO) is a very active part of the home and school partnership. Many parents are involved through the SPO as they exercise their gifts, talents and abilities to support teachers and students.