Back row, from left to right: Mitch Kramer, Jim Nield, Brent Benn, Eric Laverentz, Brian Conway, Lance Baker, Dr. Al King (President)

Front row, from left to right: Roddy Bates, Trent Freiberg, Jamey Mullin, Jamie Jones (Treasurer), Heather Watson,
Tracy Nesselrode, Paul Fredrickson, Adam Moore, Jason Ramsey

Board of Directors

Oklahoma Christian School is guided by its mission and overseen by the OCS Board of Directors that meets on the third Tuesday of every month. The board consists of parents of current OCS students. Members are nominated each spring and elected by existing board members. The OCS board in turn elects officers who serve as executive officers (chair, vice chair, and secretary) and various other standing committee functions. The term of office is two years, and membership may be renewed twice (for a total of six consecutive years). The OCS Board of Directors’ duties include the following:

  • Establish policies to effectively govern the school and review current polices;
  • Establish strategic goals for the school and govern the school to achieve these goals;
  • Appoint a senior administrator (headmaster). Empower this person to carry out the daily operations and provide formal evaluations of the headmaster;
  • Establish the qualifications and compensation for the headmaster as well as the base-salaries for administration, teachers, and staff;
  • Provide financial oversight for the school.
  • Develop long term financial plans, review and approve annual operating budgets, and review and approve monthly financial statements;
  • Ensure that an annual review of the financial records is made by a Certified Public Accountant who is not associated with the school or related to any of its members;
  • Enter into contracts or other agreements for the benefit of the school and prescribe the duties of any person or entity entering into such contract. Safeguard the assets of the school;
  • Support the merits and purposes of Christian education;
  • Oversee marketing and fundraising efforts for the school and actively promote and support the school in the community.