Grades PK3 - 5

Tuition – $9,575

Enrollment Fee** – $250

Facility Fee – $550

Class Dues* – $165

Total – $10,540

Grades 6 - 8

Tuition – $10,880

Enrollment Fee** – $250

Facility Fee – $550

Class Dues* – $165

Total – $11,845

Grades 9 -12

Tuition – $11,630

Enrollment Fee** – $250

Facility Fee – $550

Class Dues* – $165

Total – $12,595

2023-2024 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Book and technology fees are included in the tuition costs noted above.

**Enrollment fee is per student and non-refundable.

Facility fee is per family.

*Depending on grade level, class dues include annual school t-shirt, class functions, testing fees (PSAT, etc.), field trips, science camp, ID cards, car tags, various membership fees, graduation basics, agenda, etc. Athletic and extracurricular activities are not included.

Tuition Assistance

OCS has established a tuition assistance program to help families in need. OCS is also a participant in the Opportunity Scholarship Fund. Tuition assistance is awarded strictly on the basis of need in a completely confidential process. OCS does not award any athletic or academic merit scholarships. Families applying for financial aid will need to bring in current year’s tax documentation to Business Office on or before May 1. The amount of tuition assistance awarded is based on a family’s need and available funding. Financial assistance is committed to an applicant on an annual basis requiring re-application in subsequent years. The school is committed to protecting the privacy of its families; therefore all information received by the Tuition Assistance Committee is held in the strictest of confidence. Questions on tuition and fees may be directed to Debbie Gosden at (405)844-4464.

Tuition Payments

Monthly tuition payments are automatically debited from your account on your choice of the 1st or 15th of the month.


The following discounts will be in effect for families of three or more children enrolling:

  • Three children enrolled – $500 discount per family
  • Four children enrolled – $1,250 discount per family
  • Five children enrolled – $1,500 discount per family
  • Six children enrolled – $1,750 discount per family

Tuition Refund Policy

Enrollment fees are non-refundable. OCS also has a refund policy to protect the school from unanticipated financial loss and to ensure accurate financial projections. A student may withdraw from OCS by delivering written notification in person, by standard unit, or by electronic mail. The date a written notice is received will be the official date of withdrawal. Verbal notification of intent to withdraw is insufficient. OCS relies on commitments of enrollment when establishing the operating budget for the school. There are many expenses of a continuing nature, such as faculty salaries and facilities maintenance, that require annual obligations. It is essential that the annual income from tuition fees be assured. An executed and signed enrollment agreement constitutes a financial contract between a patron and the school. Therefore, any refund of tuition fees paid to OCS will be based upon the delivery of a sufficient written notification of withdrawal. For instance below, the term “total tuition” refers to the total amount of tuition due for the academic school year. The prorated tuition schedule for the annual, semester, and monthly payment plan is:

Prior to June 1 – 20% of Total Tuition
From June 1 to 1st day of school – 40% of Total Tuition
The 1st day to the 10th day of the school year – 80% of Total Tuition
After the 10th day of the start of school year – 100% of Total Tuition

The amount of any tuition refund shall not exceed the amount personally paid for tuition by the patron and is subject to the schedule above. The enrollment fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Furthermore, the OCS Business Office is authorized to apply any credit balance due as a refund against any debts or unpaid accounts owed by the student to the school.