Middle School

On behalf of our faculty and staff I would like to welcome you to Oklahoma Christian School!

Middle school is an important time in the development of a young person’s life. Our goal is to help our students navigate this tremendous time of growth and do so with a biblical worldview. Jonathan Edwards says, “Of all the knowledge that we can ever obtain, the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of ourselves, are the most important.”

The faculty and staff at OCS Middle School is committed to providing a challenging Christ-centered curriculum, fostering Godly relationships, and promoting spiritual growth while helping students become the person that God wants them to be.


Brant Breeden
Middle School Principal

MS Principal

MS Student Development Director

Course Descriptions


Math (6th Grade)
Students will receive instruction in and demonstrate the ability to perform basic mathematical functions and problem solving in the area of number sense and operations, fraction concepts, algebraic expressions and equations, geometry and plane figures, measurement, and percentage. Students will discover God’s design, orderliness, and infinitude.

Math (7th Grade)
Students will receive instruction in and demonstrate the ability to perform basic mathematical functions and problem solving in the areas of algebraic reasoning, number sense, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability. Students will also continue to learn the importance of hard work, dedication, teamwork, and the significance of speaking life and hope to one another.

Pre-Algebra (8th Grade)
Students will receive instruction in and demonstrate the ability to perform basic mathematical functions and problem solving in the areas of algebraic reasoning, number sense, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability.

Algebra 1 for High School Credit (8th Grade)
Students will receive in-depth introduction of variables, constants, expressions, and equations.  Students will receive instruction and demonstrate ability in the areas of understanding order of operations, solving equations, simplifying expressions, using properties, arithmetic operations with positive and negative numbers, polynomials, factoring, graphing (linear and quadratic equations), working with radicals, and simplification of rational numbers.


English (6th Grade)
Students master previously learned skills and concepts, and they apply them to their reading and writing. Sixth grade students will learn to organize well-structured arguments and use a writing style that best suits their purpose. They are also introduced to novels and other texts that challenge them intellectually and spiritually. Grammar, reading, writing, and vocabulary acquisition are integrated to encourage well rounded minds.

English (7th Grade)
Students will learn to communicate effectively. Not only will they learn to write well, they will learn how to use technology to share their writing, therefore, making it relevant to their world. Students will read a variety of texts to strengthen reading comprehension and for pleasure, developing life long readers and learners. Students will learn a wide variety of vocabulary through reading and using new vocabulary words in their own writing. Students will study many aspects of grammar – learning to apply it to their own writing and editing. Students will also study many well constructed sentences to learn from great writing.

English (8th Grade)
Students will recognize and understand the appropriate uses of the eight parts of speech, apply correct capitalization and punctuation rules in writing, construct a five paragraph essay, summary reports, and a research paper, read and receive guidance in the analysis of several works of literature, and demonstrate a growing repertoire of vocabulary words. Students will learn how biblical principles are part of their learning experience.  For example, students will explore questions such as “What does it look like to put your complete faith in God” through the novel study of “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom. Students will also have the opportunity to practice patience, community, and active listening by working together in groups to solve problems and help each other understand the concepts on a deeper level.

Social Studies

Social Studies (6th Grade)
Students will study of the spatial patterns of the human and physical characteristics of God’s created world. Students will explore how these spatial patterns form, change over time, and relate to one another throughout various regions. Students will examine the cultural, political and economic developments, physical geography, and population distributions for the Western Hemisphere. The exploration of different countries and their development will be structured within the Five Themes and Six Elements of Geography.

Social Studies (7th Grade)
Students will explore and understand a variety of elements in geography of the Eastern Hemisphere, including the world in spatial terms, places and regions, physical systems, human systems, environment and society and Christianity’s impact on different regions of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Social Studies (8th Grade)
Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of the political, economic, and social development of the United States. The scope of the course includes, through the lens of gospel truth, European discovery, settlement, colonization, revolution, and the quest for self-government, as well as the progress of the new nation through the test of the Civil War and subsequent Reconstruction.


Science (6th Grade)
Students will learn about God’s creation by investigating the six kingdoms of life. They will study many topics including cells, bacteria, protists, fungi, animals, genetics, and the human body. Students will learn to apply the scientific method to problem solving, identify cell parts by name and function, explain how traits are inherited using a Punnett square, identify characteristics of bacteria, protists, and fungus, describe characteristics of vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and label the major bones and muscles in the human body.

Science (7th Grade)
Students will explore and experience an introduction to physics, chemistry and the changing state of the atmosphere through reading, discussion, observation, labs, experiments, group and individual projects. Students will learn the important skills of using dimensional analysis to solve problems and how to write complete sentence responses that restate the question.

Science (8th Grade)
This course is an introduction to Earth Science. Students will explore the geology and oceanography of our dynamic planet, the astronomy of our expansive universe, and environmental issues.


Bible (6th Grade)
Through the student’s study in the Gospel of John students will experience the life of Jesus Christ in a new and more meaningful way. Their study through the biblical record will be enhanced through various forms of media allowing for the development of skills in note taking and discussion.

Bible (7th Grade)
Students will learn how the Bible divisions relate, the context of each part, and how they fit into God’s overall scheme of events. Students study passages that relate to what they are going through in their personal walk with God. They learn how to apply biblical principles that will impact their daily life. It also challenges them to examine their lives and make a personal commitment to Christ.

Bible (8th Grade)
Students will personally apply the Christian faith, which is necessary for each individual believer in the academic sense but also the spiritual sense.  This application process centers on the following areas of study: Shield of Faith (worldview formulation) understanding what the key values are for followers of Christ; Sword of the Spirit (biblical literacy), the process of learning how to read, study, and understand the Bible in a deep analytical way; Breastplate of Righteousness (apologetics), the process of learning how to understand and know that the Bible is true, and how to formulate a defense of it; Gospel of Peace (evangelism), how to be bold, courageous, and knowledgeable in ministering to the world.

Enrichment Classes

Physical Education (6th Grade)
Students will appreciate their body is a marvelous gift from God, understand their responsibility to maintain an  active and healthy lifestyle, and develop fundamental physical, social, and fitness-related skills by participating in individual and cooperative games. Physical education equips us to use our bodies to glorify and serve God.

Creative Writing (6th Grade)
Students will learn to enjoy the art of written language. Whether they are writing about what it is like to walk on their hands or creating their very own city, students will hone their writing skills while letting their creativity flow in a way they don’t often experience.

Art (6th,7th, 8th Grade)
Students will learn about the Elements of Art and how to incorporate them into the Principles of Design, while learning various art techniques.  Art History along with artists and art styles will also be incorporated into each lesson. Students will learn to critically think and problem solve with the unique ability God gave to each one of them individually as they create his/her original art works.

Health/Speech (7th Grade)
Christians have a unique opportunity to serve God by being caretakers of their bodies. A biblical-based view of healthcare makes the Christian a fit servant. Topics include basic health, mental and social health, nutrition, exercise, safety, first aid, personal hygiene, growth and development, drugs-alcohol-tobacco.



Our Culinary Arts elective serves as an introduction to the principles of cookery, with an emphasis on recipes that can be shared with the students’ families and friends. In this course, students will learn basic knife skills, recipe comprehension, and proper sanitation methods. Students will create breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert dishes in a fresh, fun, and nutritious manner.

Vocal Music (7th & 8th Grade)
Students will be introduced in vocal performance in a choral setting. Students will sing a varied repertoire as they develop their vocal skills. The course is open to any student who has an interest in the study of choral music. Performances will be throughout the year.

Band (6th Grade)
Students have an opportunity to try many of the instruments OCS has to offer and will start to master one of these instruments during 6th grade band. Students do not need any prior musical knowledge to be in band. Students go from brand new musician to performing a Christmas and Spring concert during this class.

Band (7th Grade)
As students increase the musical skills learned in 6th grade, students will participate in concerts and contest performances. District Solo and Ensemble contest provides an opportunity to show your individual musical talent. A variety of music will be learned and performed. Students will be assessed through daily participation, practice and homework, musicianship skills including music theory and preparedness. Regular rehearsal, sectional and concert attendance and practice are required.

Band (8th Grade)
You will continue to advance your musical skills, participate in various performances (including opportunities with HS ensembles). District Solo and Ensemble contest provides an opportunity to show your individual musical talent. A variety of music will be learned. Students will be assessed through daily participation, practice and homework, musicianship skills including music theory and preparedness. Regular rehearsal, sectional and concert attendance and practice are required.

Technology (6th Grade)
Students concentrate on learning keyboarding by touch. They also learn how to use Google Docs and Google Slides. Students will complete several projects including tables, a research report, and a slide presentation.

Leadership in Action (7th & 8th Grade)
Students will develop the characteristics of a servant leader as modeled by Christ. They will serve the OCS students as well as the local community through various projects. This class provides students a safe place to learn to lead others.

Spanish (6 & 7th Grade)
This is a basic introduction to Spanish which encourages students to learn other languages and realize that it can be fun and able to be accomplished. Students will learn pronunciation of Spanish alphabet, greetings, basic colors and numbers 1 – 30, and action words through total physical response and games. Students will learn syntax and grammar by creating and acting out stories and completing practice work in class.

Spanish (8th Grade)
This is a basic introduction to Spanish which encourages students to learn other languages and realize that it can be fun and able to be accomplished. Students learn pronunciation of Spanish through memory songs and action words through Total Physical Response and games. Students will also learn syntax and grammar by creating and acting out stories.  This is a semester long class which will include 100 of the most frequently used verbs and other necessary vocabulary – including telling time, describing the seasons, and expressing likes/dislikes, wants and needs.  We will also be memorizing verses in Spanish and learning basic Bible vocabulary useful for mission trips.

Spanish 1 for High School Credit (8th Grade)
Students will be introduced to the same material as the high school Spanish 1 class, focusing on the communication areas of speaking, writing, listening, and reading. This class meets the entire year and offers one high school credit for those who pass this class.

Academic Support

Program Overview

All students admitted to OCS must meet the academic requirements for admission. However, in some cases, learning differences emerge and students may benefit from additional academic support. For those students, OCS provides an academic support program that focuses on strategies specifically aimed at helping students become successful in the classroom. The academic support program is staffed by a teacher trained to provide the support needed to prepare students for a successful school experience.

The middle school academic support program is only available as space and resources allow.

After School Care

OCS offers After School Care for OCS 6th – 8th grade students. Our middle school after school care students will have an opportunity to complete homework. They will also have a snack and a chance to have a break with friends when homework is complete.


The program begins immediately after dismissal and ends at 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Cost (2023-2024)
  • 1 Day per week                           $430 (annually, per child)
  • 2 Days per week                         $860
  • 3 Days per week                         $1,290
  • 4 Days per week                         $1,720
  • 5 Days per week                         $2,160
  • Enrollment Fee                          $50 (per family)

Continuing Enrollment

Participation in the program is reserved for enrolled OCS students whose parents have a work-related conflict that does not allow for after-school pick up. Students must be enrolled in the program to participate. Drop-ins during the school year are not permitted.

Space is limited and students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to currently enrolled students.

Arrival - Morning Drop-off

Students may be dropped off and allowed in the building beginning at 7:30 a.m. All students are to report to main gym for advisory no later than 8:00 a.m. Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. should report to the Middle School office for a tardy slip. Parents who are coming into the building should park in the upper gym parking lot located on the north side of the gym.

Dismissal - Afternoon Pick-up

Afternoon dismissal begins upon the 2:55 p.m. dismissal of our students. there are two pick-up and drop-off points. All 6th grade students will be picked up at the crosswalk between the student center and the main gym (see attached map). All 7th and 8th grade students will be picked up at the crosswalk at the top of the stairs between the gym and the gym parking lot (see attached map).

In order to ensure the safety of our students during the pick-up and drop-off times it is important that everyone follow the same procedures and pick-up or drop-off only in the designated areas outlined on the accompanied map. Safety is the key issue and the speed limit is 5 mph in the parking lots. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Middle School Lunch Schedule and Menu

Food Service Provider

OCS is pleased to partner with Heritage Kitchens. To view the lunch menu and order lunches click here.

Joining Your Child for Lunch

Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch. Parents should check-in at our middle school office and obtain a visitor’s badge before meeting their child in the cafeteria. Parents are permitted to bring in outside food for their child.

Off Campus Lunch

Occasionally, parents choose to take their child off campus for a special lunch time. Parents should check the child out through the middle school office. Please refer to the lunch and recess schedule. Every attempt should be made to have students back in class and ready to learn once the class has returned from the cafeteria and/or recess. Parents should only take their child to lunch (not their child and a friend – even with permission from the friends’ parents).