Academic Support Program

In the middle school classroom, OCS teachers strive to provide the level of differentiation necessary for individual students. When that level of differentiation is not adequate, OCS provides an academic support program that focuses on reading intervention and academic success skills. The academic support program is staffed by a teacher trained to provide the support needed to prepare students for a successful school experience.

Two levels of academic support are offered at the middle school level:

  • Accommodations plan – student receives a written accommodations plan which is implemented in the regular classroom. The purpose of an accommodations plan is to provide the least amount of accommodation necessary for the student to become successful in the classroom. There is no financial cost to be placed on an accommodations plan.
  • Pull-out lab – student receives daily academic support in-person with the academic support teacher, in the academic support room. In addition to one-on-one and small group support, the student also receives an accommodations plan.

Admission Procedure

Students are admitted to the academic support program through a formal process. First, students are identified by either a teacher or parent as a candidate for services. Academic struggles and low grades are often the first indicators that a student may require additional support. Once a child is identified, the principal will schedule a meeting with parents and the academic support teacher to discuss the benefits and details of receiving academic support services.

Admission Qualifications

To qualify for a written accommodations plan or to receive services in the pull-out lab, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a diagnosed learning disability; or
  • Receive below 70% average in their core classes on their nine-week report card, or
  • Be on academic probation; or
  • Receive a “Low” score in any major category of their NWEA standardized testing. Students that receive a “Low Average” score on their NWEA standardized testing may qualify for a written accommodations plan at the discretion of the middle school principal.

Program Tuition

The cost of participating in the Academic Support Program is $1,000 per year. For students who do not need an entire year of services, the annual tuition will be prorated. There is no charge for receiving a written accommodations plan.