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Lunchtime is an important time in the day of our students. It is a time for a nutritional recharge as well as a chance to connect socially with peers.

Heritage Kitchens

OCS is pleased to partner with Heritage Kitchens. To view the lunch menu and order lunches click here.


Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students eat lunch in their classroom. (Kindergarten Lunchtime). All 1st – 5th grade students eat in our school’s cafeteria.

Joining Your Child for Lunch

Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch. Parents should check-in at our elementary office and obtain a visitor’s badge before meeting their child in the cafeteria. Parents are permitted to bring in outside food for their child. Parents are also welcome to order a tray from our Heritage Kitchens. The teacher on duty will assist you and your child with seating arrangements.

Taking Your Child Off Campus for Lunch

Occasionally, parents choose to take their child off campus for a special lunch time. Parents should check the child out through our elementary office. Please refer to the lunch and recess schedule. Every attempt should be made to have students back in class and ready to learn once the class has returned from the cafeteria and/or recess. Parents should only take their child to lunch (not their child and a friend – even with permission from the friends’ parents).