Curriculum Selection

Curriculum is designed by the OCS administration and teachers. Care is given to align with state and national standards, ensuring that OCS students acquire the content and skills essential for each grade level. State and national standards are considered the minimum of what OCS students should learn. In many cases, curriculum will be designed to exceed those standards and enrich students’ skills and content mastery. Curriculum is mapped and outlined.

Textbooks are not the curriculum, but are viewed as an important resource to meet learning objectives.Textbooks are formally reviewed on a cycle determined by the administration. Textbooks are selected by a process that is led by the principal and includes input from faculty. Upon receiving faculty input and consulting state and national curriculum standards, the principal then makes a recommendation to the headmaster, who grants final approval for textbook adoption. The use of Christian textbooks receives receive strong consideration when the content of the textbook aligns with the learning objectives of the academic program.

Curriculum Review

Curriculum is constantly under review, with careful consideration given to the mission of the school and intended learning outcomes. While the curriculum is mapped and outlined, it may be adjusted to benefit the learning needs and educational objectives of the school. Final changes to the curriculum must be approved by the principal and headmaster. Major curriculum changes are communicated to parents. Curriculum changes deemed necessary for a continued program of excellence are given priority in the annual budget.