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College Counseling

Welcome to the OCS college counseling department!

OCS offers an intensive college placement program for our students. We develop strategies for each student as they complete their college preparatory education. Our college counseling office assists students as they navigate the planning and application process.


When the time comes to narrow the focus on the college search, selection, and application process, we empower our students. We equip them with rich resources, excellent advice, and unparalleled insight into the world of admissions so that they become fully engaged self-advocates. This approach creates real ownership and ultimately results in a decision made by the student and his or her team, not by the team for the student.


We believe that the stronger the match between person and place, the greater the potential for continued growth, development, and success. Ultimately, we believe in our students’ futures and strive to help each student find the college that is the right fit. Our office also studies enrollment patterns and data and maintains close relationships with admissions personnel in an effort to demystify the admissions process and give our students and families realistic expectations for outcomes.

Family Connection (Naviance)

Students and parents will find a vast number of resources on our website specifically designed for College Prep.  Use the link to the right to access the Family Connection website to find test prep resources, a calendar of upcoming events, college visits, scholarship links, and much more.

Our office is passionate about educating and developing the whole person and engaging students in the creation of their own personal stories. We continually look across the divisions for opportunities to engage students, support their academic development, and encourage an exploratory culture inside and outside the classroom. We are deeply committed to quality and we work hard to deliver high-level services to all students and families.

Sherry Sage, M.S., LPC
College Counselor
405-341-2265 Ext 504