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Academic Support Program

In the elementary classroom, OCS teachers strive to provide the level of differentiation necessary for individual students. When that level of differentiation is not adequate, additional academic support may be provided. The academic support program is staffed by certified teachers, trained to provide the support needed to prepare students for a successful school experience.

The elementary school program provides a pull-out lab, where the student receives daily, in-person academic support with the academic support teacher. The program targets reading deficiencies and offers research-based interventions to provide students the literacy and executive functioning skills needed for academic success. In addition to one-on-one and small group support, the student also receives an academic support plan that assists the regular classroom teacher in meeting the needs of the student.

Qualifications & Admission Procedure

To qualify for academic support services, students are identified by their parents, teachers, or administration. Academic struggles and low grades are often the first indicators that a student may require additional support. Once a child is identified, the principal should be notified. Once identified, the elementary principal will meet with the parents and, if necessary, suggest further testing and recommend personnel to determine the nature of the student’s deficiency and the action needed.

Program Tuition

The cost of participating in the Academic Support Program is $1,000 per year. For students who do not need an entire year of services, the annual tuition will be prorated.

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