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Opportunities to Serve 
OCS high school students have the opportunity to serve and learn to lead in a variety of contexts. Each high school student is required to acquire service hours each year. Many students, however, go above and beyond the required expectations and serve others both locally and abroad.
International Mission Trips

OCS high school students may participate in two overseas mission trips each January as part of the mini-mester week.  One team heads to Jamaica, where they build relationship and focus their energies on constructing homes for low-income families.  A second group travels to Nicaragua, where they join forces with a local church, conducting evangelism and discipleship activities.

Student Council

High School Student Council is comprised of an executive board of six leadership-oriented seniors, four class presidents, and a male and a female representative from each class. Student Council's goal is to plan and execute our school's two homecomings, three senior nights for co-curricular activities, and two major philanthropic events. The first of these events is a long-standing Christmas party at Westwood Elementary in Oklahoma City. Each Westwood student receives a large box packed with gifts, but the true value of the day is in the one-on-one attention lavished on the Westwood students by our high school students. The second event is H.E.R.O.E.S. Week, a week of full-campus activities to raise money for a worthy beneficiary. Our recipients range from local families and charities, to Christian schools in Sierra Leone and Haiti, to villages in Kenya.

H.E.R.O.E.S. Week 

H.E.R.O.E.S. stands for Hands Extended Reflecting Our Exalted Savior.  H.E.R.O.E.S. Week originated in 2003 when a group of students wanted to make a unique difference in the lives of others. The High School Student Council determines the recipient each year, organizing and sponsoring this event. In the past, our school has helped members of our own OCS family who have medical needs, have raised funds for a medical center in Sierra Leone, and have raised money for Christian schools in Haiti. Altogether, OCS’s mission-focused H.E.R.O.E.S. Week has raised more than $365,000 to benefit our community and world since 2003.

Westwood Day

"Westwood Day" is organized and run by the OCS High School Student Council. Always in early December, it is a day when all of our high school students bring boxes of gifts to children at Westwood Elementary in Oklahoma City, and each Westwood student is paired with one of our high school students for a morning of one-on-one time. The gifts are always fun and appreciated, but the fellowship is much more valuable. We model Jesus when we reach out to children and to those across socio-economic boundaries. We are humbled to remember that we, the church, are His body in this world. We are never so blessed than when we give of ourselves. Each year we pray our students have a great day, feel used of God, and are challenged to look beyond their own circumstances. We pray that the powerful lessons of God’s love, acceptance, compassion, and encouragement will come shining through to the Westwood students as well as ours. Parent partnership in this effort helps set the tone for that whole day. We ask that parents make this day and our goals a topic of discussion at home to help kick off each Christmas season.

Student Leadership

Student leadership at OCS has many faces. Formally, there are executive councils for every organization on campus, beginning at the middle school level. Depending on the function of the organization, positions on these councils are attained either through election or teacher assignment. The most active group on campus is the OCS High School Student Council. Comprised of four class presidents, eight class representatives and a six-person executive council of seniors, the student council plans and executes two homecoming celebrations, three senior night recognitions, and two major philanthropic events that reach into our local community and the world. On another level, it is our goal to foster within the heart of every student a desire to give of themselves. The spirit of volunteerism is encouraged, and many of our students serve on local and international mission teams during breaks from school.