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Biblically Integrated Academics

Chris Spradlin is our High School Campus Pastor. One of the benefits of attending a Christian school is the opportunity to provide a biblical perspective on all academic content, not just Bible class. Course content is approached on a foundation that God exisists and has been actively engaged with His creation since the beginning. Nothing occurs by chance, history is moving in a certain direction, and there is a God-centered answer for the tough questions of life. While the Bible does not address every subject or provide specifics on every topic, the Bible does provide broad theological, ethical, and philosophical principles that can provide the framework for every academic discipline. Teachers at OCS work to ensure that students understand what God has to do with every academic subject. 

Daily Bible Class

A distinctive of an OCS educaiton is daily Bible class. Each student from Pre-K to 12th grade receives daily Bible instruction from a qualified Bible teacher. Bible is considered a core class at OCS and is recorded on the high school transcript. Bible teachers must be certified through the Association of Christian School International.

High School Chapel

OCS students attend chapel once per week. High school chapel provides an opportunity to worship Christ in a atmosphere of interdenominational unity,encouragement and truth. While Bible classes tend to be intellectual with academic accountability, the chapel program will strive to create a more relaxing and “softer” approach to feeding the soul and nourishing the spirit. The chapel program will pursue discipleship and equipping in areas not addressed in the classroom. Chapel is held each week in the school auditorium. Chapel consists of worship led by a local worship pastor, followed by a relevant biblical message by local pastors,speakers,or faculty. The OCS chapel program is overseen by Chris Spradlin, OCS campus pastor. Student leaders are also instrumental in planning and organziing the chapel program. 

Mission Trips

OCS high school students may participate in two overseas mission trips each January as part of the mini-mester week. One team heads to Jamaica, where they build relationship and focus their energies on constructing homes for low-income families. A second group travels to Nicaragua, where they join forces with a local church, conducting evangelism and discipleship activities.