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Welcome to the website of Oklahoma Christian School.  Our mission is to partner with families in educating the whole person to glorify God.  This mission is our driving passion and the focal point of everything we do!  We consider every aspect of our curricular and co-curricular programs as an opportunity to shape the whole person. There are many benefits of a Christian education at OCS, we hope you consider those benefits as you make one of the most important decisions of your life, how and where to educate your child. 

We are in a wonderful chapter in the history of OCS.  This year our enrollment topped 930 students, the largest in OCS history.  It’s exciting to be at OCS these days!

There are many things I’d love to highlight about OCS – I’ll mention a couple.  The OCS campus has undergone a transformation in recent years.  The campus has expanded, new buildings constructed, and athletic facilities enhanced. 

Second, we have great teachers!  Teachers are the heart of a school and one of the key ingredients in shaping a young person.  At OCS we have assembled a team of wonderful people who are deeply committed to the intellectual and spiritual development of our students.  Our teachers are professional educators, subject matter experts, and they go the extra mile to prepare our students for a college education and productive adult life.

We consider it a great privilege to shape the next generation.  We invite you to come and see OCS first-hand and talk to the parents, students, and faculty who make up our school. 


Al King, Ph.D.
Headmaster's Blog